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Being a young free spirited entrepreneur who obtained a bachelor’s degree from New England College in New Hampshire, has opened the door to many discovery’s. Throughout years of experience the light bulb moment of passion started with hockey, travel, and the people who helped build this company. Photography inevitably creates all kinds of memories and always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

The passion for photography was discovered at a young age when there were opportunities to take action pictures at sporting events and family photos alongside my dad. Growing up, photography was a creative outlet that allowed for the discovery of the hidden beauty in this world and provided the ability to capture the most important memorable moments in peoples’ lives.

The love for capturing moments turned into a career path, a way to follow dreams and share the beauty of the world as seen through my lens. It is extremely important that in any session we perform, that we establish a connection with the client and ensure that they see their beloved memories through the photos that we take. There are moments in this world where you can feel the emotion through the look on people’s faces or their body language and a million other factors. Our goal is to be able to catch these moments and make them last forever.

My hope is that we can bring all the beauty, emotion, and happiness to you through our work. We look forward to working with you and helping you create your story.