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Whether you’re looking for senior portraits, family photos, action shots or just something fun, Zimm can do it all. She welcomes suggestions and always comes prepared with ideas in mind. It is amazing how she is able to bring whatever is in your mind come to life. Not only does she take phenomenal photos, she also gets them edited and sent back to you in a timely manner. I could not recommend Zimm more, 11/10.

Hannah Nelson

Kathleen Zimmerman is a delight to work with and can always put a smile on my face. She helps with my poses and knows what the best angles are to use to take the best pictures.

Sean D’Urso

I love how Zimm’s Photos captured our family so authentically! Kathleen is very easy to work with, making it relatively painless (even the ones who don’t like their photos being taken had fun). She even got our very energetic dog to cooperate! We do a family photo session each year, this year we especially appreciated how she captured our son in his Halloween costume!

Allie Birchmeier

Zimm has an ability to turn your personality into a photo. She’s a truly great photographer. Never fails to impress me with her skills.

Cianna Weir

Zimm has a very laid back sense of style and an eye for the perfect shot. I met Kathleen her junior year of college and asked her to take photos for some events that were happening on campus when I found out she had a really nice camera and a passion for photos. From that point on she became my go-to student photographer, and even after she graduated I would ask her to come back to take photos at events, particularly our honor society inductions. She is great at taking candid shots as well as posed photos. In all, Zimm probably captured 20 events that we ran on campus. She was very good at getting photos to us in a really timely fashion which is always much appreciated. Her skill set in editing is very impressive, and I’ve always been incredibly happy with the photos she’s taken. Most recently and personally, Kathleen took my headshots for my new job. She made me laugh the whole time, even when I was feeling a bit awkward to be in front of the camera. Her sense of spontaneity and adventure is captured in her work as well, and she’s always up for a fun shoot, no matter the location or time of day. Zimm is great at capturing all ages for any type of photoshoot you might be looking for. I can’t say enough good things about her work and how fun it is to work with her.

Megan Hotaling

Zimm is not only skilled at what she does, she is also fun to work with. She has talent and experience shooting a wide variety of shoots, from formal to fun to athletic events, she can do it all. She is my go-to photographer with anything I do and brings a smile to my face every time I get the pleasure of working with her.

Cortney Reyes

It was an absolute pleasure to have Zimm do my engagement photos. She got amazing shots in our beautiful college town. She was so fun to work with and brought so much energy with her to our session! 

Erica Lissner